Bunkers: looking in, looking out was a project organised by boca2mouth to commission new works exploring five obsolete 'pillbox' bunkers situated in the valley of Cuckmere Haven (East Sussex, England). The work focussed on re-interpreting acts of mapping, territory and conflict.


Artists: Ed Briggs, Jim Sanders, Xelís de Toro

Artistic directors: Ed Briggs and Xelís de Toro

Projector manager: Clair Wearn

Camera: Chris Dunne

Web design: University for the Creative Arts

Technical Development by: Polemicweb

Produced by boca2mouth

Thanks: Guyan Porter, Belinda Greenhalgh at Phoenix Gallery, Bethan Troakes, Jonathan Swain, Margaret Pikes, Guy Dartnell, Sarah Anglish, Mike Stokes, Danny Bright, Geoff Chessmaster at Spirit of Gravity, Athanasios Pantsos, Pavlos Ioannidis, Luke Flegg, Vicky Tremain, Tessa Watson at clearleft

Special thanks to the people of Lewes who helped to create our map, and to the volunteers from Brighton who participated in the performance at the Level


Cuckmere Haven, Lewes city centre, The level (Brighton), Falmer village


Lottery Funded: Arts Council England Brighton & Hove: City Council supported

A line is a sharp act of





a line creates twosides

and then somebodydies

A line cuts.

hurts the space.

you can sense a drip of blood

spilling a border.

Where do you draw the line?

How do you spend your time?

How do you read a sign?

How did you break your spine?

How does it sound a chime?

Who commited a crime?

Where do you draw the pain?

How do you write your pain?

Where do you smell the rain?

How do you clean the stain?

Where do you write your name?

Who invented the chain?

How do you sing your name?

How do you sign your name?

When do you expect to break?

Why do you expect to break?

Why do you work in vain?

What did you say was your aim?

Where do you expect to pray?

How do you make a claim?

When do you expect to end?

Where do you cross the line?

How do you make a question?

You always want to go

To that other place

The place that is not here

Is it beatiful? — I don’t know

Don’t you like it here? — I do.

But there is… there

Can you see it over the horizon?

— I can’t see the horizon.

But if you go there, there would become here

And here would become there.

— You don’t understand

I am taking here to there