We are doing “The Way to St James”

We are taking a scale down version of the exhibition to Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain. We are art pilgrims.

The exhibition will take place in the Galería Metro http://www.galeriametro.com from the 13th September, opening to the 3th October.

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The show must go on

til the 12 of August in Phoenix Gallery in Brighton

and to celebrate it we are having some events on the Saturday 11th August

2.30 – 3.30pm An explanation of ‘The Bitter Weather Solar Flare Detector’; exhibition piece by Ed Briggs. Also some banter on the advantage of being amateur; the unfortunate trick of ‘art’; ‘science’ and other made up subject headings. Artist working in music, installation and film.

4 – 5pm [Space, Guns and Booze Vs Boring Art (or) A guide to anti-tediousness via relativity, M-theory and the 7 missing dimensions]

by artist Simon Wilkinson aka circa69

A talk and discussion looking at relativity, M-Theory and the 7 missing dimensions of space with reference to how art can engage the body and also why we need to destroy the concept that artists are cool in order to save ourselves from a suffocating tidal wave of boring art.

“there’s a tiny space between terrifying and fascinating and in that place lives circa69″.. comments from exhib July 29th

5 – 6pm You’ve seen their work but haven’t had the chance to discuss it with them; were you confused? Did you fall in love? Did you experience a revelation? Or die of boredom? Several of the artists whose work is on display in the gallery will be in the Green Room to answer your questions, discuss the work and dodge rotten fruit. Come along, meet the artists and unburden yourself. Softy drinks available

6pm Freestyle sound and performance poetry by Laboratoro; words, broken trumpets, bells, enigmatic tunes and fretting feet.

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Some images from the opening at the Phoenix Gallery, some of the work from the exhibition and performances from Matt Rudkin and Laboratoro, all pictures taken by Hugh Fox.

Exhibiton until the 12 Agust, open wednesday to saturday from 11am to

Simon Wilkinson Circa69 in his installation

Circa 69 installation

Enlarged pages from the book

Linda Remahl installation, Mien

Visitors, including the mayor of Brighton and Hove Bill Randall

Jonathan Swain photographs and contact sheets

Jim Sanders work in the corridor

2 prints by Bish

Auditorium showing four films

Matt Rudkin performing the piece included in the book

laboratoro interpreting some of the poems of the book

laboratoro performing at the end of the evening

Detail from Yael Karavan's installation

Bruno Humberto's installation

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We our making an exhibition of ourselves


Phoenix Gallery, Brighton Preview evening, 13th July 6-9pm Exhibition 14th July-12th August

This exhibition showcases a breadth of different work by 14 artists commissioned to produce a unique response to the English and Galician texts by writer and performer Xelís de Toro. The project features film, installation, illustration, photography, sound, invention, painting and more besides which are encompassed in the just published book and DVD, available to buy on the night!

Collaborating artists: Bish, Ed Briggs, Chévere, circa69, Bruno Humberto, Yael Karavan, Fredrik Lloyd, Fran Pérez-Narf, Linda Remahl, Matt Rudkin, Dolores Sánchez Calvo, Jim Sanders, Jonathan Swain, Prue Waller

Join us for the preview evening with live performances from laboratoro and Matt Rudkin

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The word is out

And the image as well…

So finally you can now turn pages and slot a DVD in your computer or video player.

The Book of Invisible Bridges is available to buy. Published in May 2012 by Pighog Press, you can order from them.

From The Book of Invisible Bridges

graffiti with one of the texts from the book

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First Sighting

We are opening an imaginary book in front of your eyes, at the

Redroaster Coffee House St James’s Street Brighton BN2 1RE

Wednesday 23 May Doors 7.30 for 8.00pm £5/4

Great line up of performers interpreting freely some of the texts of The book of Invisible Bridges:

-Matt Rudkin (Inconvenient Spoof)

-Tom Dussek (Tanglehead productions) and Caroline Waters (Tanglehead productions)

-Kaile Lucas (Marinus) and Vicky Tremain (The Victory Dolls)

-Yael Karavan (director of Karavan Ensemble)

-laboratoro (Ed Briggs and Xelís de Toro) with Bruno Humberto (Orchestra Elastique)

-Screenings with work by: Bruno Humberto, Fran Pérez-Narf, Linda Remahl, Jim Sanders, Prue Waller £5/4

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Welcome to the other side

The Book of Invisible Bridges is an ongoing project that has just launched and will develop through until May 2012 with the final publication. The project involves more than ten artists, a book, DVD, poetry surgeries, radio programmes and multi-disciplinary art events.

image for the flyer by Jim Sanders (Sans-2011)
A collection of 30 texts will be written by Xelís de Toro in Galician and translated into English, with two collaborative texts emerging from poetry surgeries held with the general public.  A group of more than ten artists will then each select a text and create work in their own artistic practice, for example film, visual arts, dance, performance. The bilingual collections of texts and supporting DVD incorporating the original art work of the collaborating artists, will be published in May 2012 by Pighog Press as part of their collection of international writers.  Throughout the life of the project there will be opportunities to engage with its ongoing development through various live events.
At the beginning was the word, everybody knows that.


This is a video of a performance in the presentation in Centro Galego de Londres

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Thrusday 15th December

boca2mouth invites you to a night of art, words, music and sport, hosted by the wonderful Yael Karavan to launch our current project The Book of Invisible Bridges:

Redroaster, St James’s Street, Brighton Thursday, 15th December, 8pm £3

In boca2mouth we are working very hard.. scratching our heads, graffiting walls, flicking our ears.. so we feed on your wisdom, support and encouragement and in return would like to provide an evening of art-tertainment..

-Collaborative sound experiment devised by the Laboratoro minds -Collective drawing devised by artist Jim Sanders -Sport and new music by White Tiger -Four mixed-up brass players tricked into a vicious circle -Acoustic set by the mother and son of Mum, Dad and the Kids -Laboratoro (new music and spoken word chowder) will deliver

Extras? ..yes, we have extras

-Pay attention to this, we have a raffle (r a f f l e) : the winner will get one subscription to the book + DVD and a limited edition print by Jim Sanders (print run 100) and second prize a little bag of aphrodisiac herbs to get you started for winter.

-A minimum of three poems and maximum of three poems will be read/performed from the book, by a foreign writer who we are flying in from Springfield Road.

-A chance to sign up to the Book + DVD (£25) with the special offer of receiving Jim Sanders limited edition print as a gift (lino+stencil) (approximately 50 left of 100).

-We are projecting some animations.

-Poetry surgery (a spanner in the words) by Xelís de Toro. A bit of help to get your words out.

-Aphrodisiac table

-Pighog press books table

So come on Thursday and tell us all about you.  You can spread this email, disseminate, and make it known to your acquaintances and ex lovers. (aunties welcome)


The Book of Invisible Bridges features 30 original texts written by Xelís de Toro shared with 13 collaborating artists, each of whom will respond to a selected text and create a piece of work in their respective practice. Each art work will be incorporated into the DVD. The book + DVD will be published in May 2012 by Pighog press http://www.pighog.co.uk

This project has been supported by Arts Council England and Brighton and Hove Council.

join us in Facebook boca2mouth

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