Ed Briggs is an artist working in Brighton. He received his MA in composition at the University of Sussex, before working both nationally and internationally with a number of projects. His work includes arranging and producing electronic music for Ed Hughes 2007 score for Eisenstein’s Strike!, musical director for the 2008 adaptation of ‘The Tempest’ in Tempestade and scoring and performing in radio play Brighton Rock Uncovered (2010) as well as writing and performing with a number of musical ensembles. Working in a variety of media including instrumental performance, film and theatre, he is interested in interdisciplinary thought and practice.

Bruno Humberto does performance, site-specific/landscape theatre and music. He has collaborated with various performance artists and companies, as well as developing solo and site-specific works internationally in tunnels under the river, train stations, churches, mossy forests, staircases and also theatre spaces. He is co-founder of Gazpacho Unlimited performance group and is part of Karavan Ensemble dance theatre company. Humberto plays with Orchestra Elastique, music improvisation collective. Recently he has been researching on the theme of nothingness through the performance Holding Nothing, presented recently at the ICA, and on tour at the moment.

Yael Karavan Award winning Performer, dancer and director/choreographer, Yael Karavan (2006 TEATRONETO award for best performance) was born in Israel and grew up in Florence, Paris and London. Since 1995 she has travelled throughEurope, N.Y, Brazil and Japan searching to develop a contemporary physical language of expression bridging east and west, dance and theatre. Her work is often described as visual poetry. Drawing on elements of Butoh, dance,mime, clown, physical and visual theatre she explores the themes of body/memory, metamorphoses, the invisible and the notion of repetitive cycles, intertwining dreamlike atmospheres with a humorous edge. She has worked internationally amongst others with DEREVO, Mamu Dance Theatre and has created seven soloshows. In 2009 she has founded The Karavan Ensemble (Argus Angel award for Anima at Brighton Fringe 2011), a group of international performers with an exciting mixture of performance skills and backgrounds. Her work has been supported by Arts Council England, South EastDance, Coachwerks, The Nightingale Theatre, The Dome artist forum, Brighton&Hove Council, Hollingdean Youth Trust, Matan Foundation for the Arts, Micadances, Atelier de Paris Carolyn Carlson and CCN Magui Marin.

Fredrik Lloyd has written eleven collections of poetry to date. His poems have been taken by NASA, to Titan (one of Saturn’s moons).He was also the first sms based poet service in the UK ( causing several marriages and possible divorces.He does one man shows, which he calls armchair stand ups and as a writer, likes to collaborate with other art forms. Primarily contemporary dancers. Using traditional book binding methods, he makes beautifully handmade hard back books of his own

Narf (Fran Pérez) is one of the most peculiar figures coming out from the emerging Galician-speaking music scene. He’s a composer, singer and songwriter with a rock background. His opera Annus Horribilis received the prestigious Barcelona Premio da Crítica for the best musical. He has written the score for more than 20 plays. His songs explore the untread pathways that connect the Galician language with worldwide portuguese-spoken popular music (Portugal, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Brazil). After two records with his own band, he published a record in collaboration with Manecas Costa called Aló irmao which reached number one in the RDP Africa.

Linda Remahl is a choreographer and dance artist. After graduating from London Contemporary Dance School, alongside her work as a performer, she has questioned and explored her individual choreographic language and expression. Her work has been presented at theatres such as Robin Howard Dance Theatre (United Kingdom), Theatre Atalante (Sweden) and Théâtre des Deux Rêves (France). Linda is based in Brighton and is currently creating new stage works, exploring video editing as a choreographic tool, performing with the Karavan Ensemble and is in the process of starting up a new venture called Dance In The Years, which will run short creative performance projects with participants 60+.

Matt Rudkin has degree in ‘Creative Arts’, an MA in ‘Performance Studies’, and has trained in improvisation and clowning with ‘Ecole Philippe Gaullier’ (London), and ‘The Actors Space’ (Spain). His career has encompassed a wide variety of theatre practices working as performer, writer and maker. He was founder and coordinator of ‘The Bongo Club Cabaret’, an alternative variety event at Edinburgh Fringe Festival (’94 – ’01), concurrently working as a puppeteer and maker with The Edinburgh Puppet Company. Since 2003 has toured internationally with street theatre shows, working with 3 Monkey productions and Fraser Hooper, including appearances at: Winchester Hat Fair, (UK); ‘Just for Laughs’ festival, (Canada) ‘Feste de Ville’ Rouen, (France); ‘Melbourne Comedy Festival’ (Australia). He has also continued to present both solo and collaborative experimental performance work, including appearances at ‘The Green Room’ Manchester, ‘CCA’, Glasgow; the ‘ICA’, ‘Omsk’ ‘Shunt Lounge’ and London.With Silvia Mercuriali he runs Inconvenient Spoof, making visual, lyrical theatre infused with a playful joie de vivre.

John Rutherford’s first published translation was of the great nineteenth-century realist Spanish novel La Regenta, by Leopoldo Alas (Harmondsworth: Penguin Classics, 1984). Penguins later commissioned him to translate Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote (London: Penguin Classics, 2000). From 1992 until 2008 he ran the Oxford Galician Translation Workshop, which translated ‘Them’ and Other Stories by Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín (Aberystwyth: Planet Books, 1996) and From the Beginning of the Sea: Anthology of Contemporary Galician Short Stories (Brighton: Foreign Demand, 2008), as well as other short stories published in various magazines. For the extensive bilingual anthology of Galician literature Breogán’s Lighthouse (ed. Antonio de Toro: London: Francis Boutle, 2010), John Rutherford translated all the poetry and medieval prose. He has written many articles about the theory and practice of literary translation.

Dolores Sanchez Calvo was the recipient of the 2008 Westminster Photographic Award. Her work was selected for the National Gallery Photographic Prize 2007. Her work was also seen at the ICA in Six Easy Steps in 2005 and, in the same year, her interactive performance Bound the Gag was presented at the Whitechapel Gallery, part of the Kisss Project. Recent shows include Westminster Arts selected by Gregor Muir & Richard Wilson, the prestigious Focus-Abengoa painting prize in Seville and Creekside 2011 selected by Phyllida Barlow. More information:

Jim Sanders Born on Dec 28th in Solihull 1975, West Midlands. Jim Sanders works predominately in painting, printing, collage and constructed sculpture, where salvaged wood and found materials such as bottle caps, flotsam, and rusted tools emerge as iconic images that draw upon popular culture, world religions and personal mythology.The artist is regularly invited to create artwork, murals, sets, and costumes in collaboration with live art practitioners. He has been working as a full time artist in Brighton since 2001 and is a founding member of Boca2mouth. He has created all the visual work for Boca2mouth performances. More information and list of exhibitions in

Jonathan Swain is an artist, set designer, curator and maverick creative. Jonathan Swain uses current art world trends to highlight evidence of contemporary urban decay and commercial deception. His work sits in an uneasy balance between documentary, art and community activism; often using public discussions and talks as complements to his visual imaginary. In a piece called Cosy, commissioned by Brighton Photo Biennial for the White Night in Brighton, he asked a knitting club to create a giant tea cosy for a post box which was delivered to a post-woman and placed on the post box on the White Night . The event was photographed and made into post cards. In a recent work, he took a series of photographs of night workers and organized a demonstration of volunteers through the night with banners holding pictures of these night workers.

Prue Waller is an independent film-maker; the medium of film has allowed her to explore aspects of society, culture, art and history, she likes to use experimental techniques and structure.

Simon Wilkinson [circa69] Simon Wilkinson is an artist working primarily with video and sound to create work in which some real world live elements fuse and interact with the unreal and darkly cerebral world of circa69. With claws in the dust and head in the clouds and representing a world which lies somewhere in between, circa69 aims to nudge individuals onto their own unique kinesthetic journeys within a space which is neither real nor WINNER 2009 ……………… ‘Best Documentary under 10 minutes’ – Picture This Film Festival – Calgary WINNER 2008 ……………… ‘Best Lottery Funded Art Project 2007′ BBC Lottery Big 7 Awards WINNER 2008 ……………… Koestler Award – Best Feature Film ‘ for ‘The Front’

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