Poems from creative writing workshop

On the Saturday 4th August there was a creative writing workshop in response to Invisible Bridges led by Wendy Ann Greenhalgh of Story Scavenger, and here are three poems created by the participants.

Sarah and Tamar Inspired in the work of Jim Sanders

fred louise and lauren Inspired in the work of Circa69

Writing is a fickle Queen; She zigzags, seals the mouth, mooning secret books.

She is a haunted house where silence spoke yet no-one listened.

Fractured. She wants to go broken; chime nightfall, magic, revolution.

Her origin is the silent sound of burning.

Arraigned, she demurs, ‘I am an intellectual. I never did anything.’

Socrates on general strike.

However much she zigzags she’ll arrive at her own pace to her own place in time

expiring the dark breath of night-time abysses into her sacred books.

Ahoo and Gabrielle 2 Inspired in the work of Bruno Humberto

‘Response to A Cloud in the Fog’

Bearing the weight of an empty hole.

Collapsing into time.

Precious days of a slow demise.

Alone, unnoticed, surrendering to a cloud in the fog.

Effortless victimhood; a blank life burnt out.

In the dark shadow of uncertainty he hides.

By Gabrielle Rowles and Aahoo Mozaffari

1. In response to the whole exhibition

An arrow of light into my eye and then I see!

They’re not prison cell bars, they are a rungless ladder.

Abismo interrompido.

Hands on the ladder, looking out to windmill hill,

I can almost feel the breeze.

2. In response to the video poem by Yael Karavan You are within my body today. Your memories, your experiences fill me today. The feeling of the path you’ve wandered under your feet and the feeling of your feet on me. As you walk and as you stretch your toes.

I can feel the water between your toes as I feel your wet feet leave impressions in my skin. Another day I will walk beside you, but for now I feel just feel your presence, feel your soles, feel your soul.

Wash your soul in me and continue on your journey refreshed.

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