Poetry surgery, what is it?

The Great Deal: experiment with writing

With the assistance of props I will help you to write a text. It might become a beginning to something: a poem, a memory, or nothing; maybe we will just manage to bring to the paper some chaotic words and sentences that fail to rise to the occasion. If you like what you write – it’s yours. If you don’t like your text – throw the paper to the bin. The only thing I ask you in return is that you pay me with one of the words you have written.

words in motion

What am I going to do with all the given words?

Not certain as of yet, but I will surely do something. Maybe I’ll use the words to write a text myself, play or perhaps organise them in a particular order, or just make a list (it depends pretty much on what am given).  The final text will then be published along with a collection of writings in the forthcoming book ‘The Book of Invisible Bridges’ / ‘O Libro das Pontes Invisibles’ (May 2012).

This book + DVD will be published in May 2012 by Pighog press.

The 10 artists, from a variety of artistic practices, will make a piece each inspired by one of the texts. Their works will be incorporated in the DVD.

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