Words in places

Poetry surgeries:

Poetry surgery in Jane Bom Bane’s (George Street, Kempt town, Brighton) took place on the 11th Tuesday, October, from 5pm


11 participants: Hassni, Jane, Simon, Jim, Daisy, Rachel, Ed, Lori, Sara, Julian, Rob

workshop at jane bombane (Brighton)

I was given the following words: tumble, futures, greatness, headings, whole, burning, larded, stoppering, blade, time, anything


Poetry surgery in Digihub, Phoenix Brighton, took place Saturday 15th October. From 11am to 5pm

8 people took part: Carol, Mike, Suzanne (online), Dave, Meesh, Caroline, David, Alison

I was given the words: watched, because, fields, endless, mountain, daughter, lark, daffodils

Poetry surgery at Spanish School Vicente Cañada Blanch (Portobello Road, London) took place on the 20th October:

School Cañada Blanch, Porto belo (London)

25 took part: Sonia, Serxio, Tania, Marcos, Álex, Eli, Liberty, Sara L., Sara F., Dani, Oliva, Daniel, Samuel, Esteban, Omar, Eduardo, Saúl, Tamara, John,Vanesa, Sylvia, Lara, Alejandro,Stefi,Melissa, Carlota

I was given the folllowing words (Galician): actuación, teño, incerta, solícito, aciñeiras, noite, porco, desacougo, touciño-voador, atordoamento, infatigable, imaxinar, imaxe, froiteiro, dubidoso, distintas, mar, transcorrer, Londres, sotavento, osado, lonxanos, diamantes, famoso, amor

December 2011 at the Red Roaster, art event with some time for the surgery. Gordon, Tom, Charlie, Dragise took part and I wa given the following words: flicked, scatter, if, questioning

January 30th, Art Junky at the Phoenix Gallery, 11 people took part: Aliki, Joanna, Jo, Tamsin, Shana Ibe-Iam, Michael, Karin, Mia, Sarah, Phoenix, Casper.

poetry surgery at Art Junky (Phoenix Gallery, Brighton)

I was given the following words: incredulous, borings, dried, see, life, absence, incident, lovely, thinking, that, curator


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