The show must go on

til the 12 of August in Phoenix Gallery in Brighton

and to celebrate it we are having some events on the Saturday 11th August

2.30 – 3.30pm An explanation of ‘The Bitter Weather Solar Flare Detector’; exhibition piece by Ed Briggs. Also some banter on the advantage of being amateur; the unfortunate trick of ‘art’; ‘science’ and other made up subject headings. Artist working in music, installation and film.

4 – 5pm [Space, Guns and Booze Vs Boring Art (or) A guide to anti-tediousness via relativity, M-theory and the 7 missing dimensions]

by artist Simon Wilkinson aka circa69

A talk and discussion looking at relativity, M-Theory and the 7 missing dimensions of space with reference to how art can engage the body and also why we need to destroy the concept that artists are cool in order to save ourselves from a suffocating tidal wave of boring art.

“there’s a tiny space between terrifying and fascinating and in that place lives circa69″.. comments from exhib July 29th

5 – 6pm You’ve seen their work but haven’t had the chance to discuss it with them; were you confused? Did you fall in love? Did you experience a revelation? Or die of boredom? Several of the artists whose work is on display in the gallery will be in the Green Room to answer your questions, discuss the work and dodge rotten fruit. Come along, meet the artists and unburden yourself. Softy drinks available

6pm Freestyle sound and performance poetry by Laboratoro; words, broken trumpets, bells, enigmatic tunes and fretting feet.

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