Welcome to the other side

The Book of Invisible Bridges is an ongoing project that has just launched and will develop through until May 2012 with the final publication. The project involves more than ten artists, a book, DVD, poetry surgeries, radio programmes and multi-disciplinary art events.

image for the flyer by Jim Sanders (Sans-2011)
A collection of 30 texts will be written by Xelís de Toro in Galician and translated into English, with two collaborative texts emerging from poetry surgeries held with the general public.  A group of more than ten artists will then each select a text and create work in their own artistic practice, for example film, visual arts, dance, performance. The bilingual collections of texts and supporting DVD incorporating the original art work of the collaborating artists, will be published in May 2012 by Pighog Press as part of their collection of international writers.  Throughout the life of the project there will be opportunities to engage with its ongoing development through various live events.
At the beginning was the word, everybody knows that.


This is a video of a performance in the presentation in Centro Galego de Londres

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