We will receive you with our open books

Come and visit us at the Community Art Centre Gallery.

Wednesday from 11 – 1; and from 4 -7pm

Thursday from 11 – 1; and 2- 4 and then later laboratoro performs at Spirit of Gravity (Green Door) at 8pm

Friday from 11- 1 and 2 -7pm

Saturday from 11 – 1 and 2 – 10pm (laboratoro performs at 8pm)

Sunday from 11 – 2

Trial and error

From the 03 – 06 – 2013 we are on a residency at the Community Arts Centre in Brighton. We are going to use the place as a workshop to try things out on view to be used in our project and final performance on the 20 – 06 -2013 at the E – poetry festival in London.

From Monday to Wednesday we will be building and establishing ourselves in the space. From Thursday to Sunday we will opening the space for anybody to come talk to us, participate, talk, discuss. And laboratoro will be performing on the Saturday.

The Community Arts Centre is in the same space as the previous grey area gallery

Shoot Reading

Xelis de Toro made this poem for the Press & Release exhibition in the Phoenix Gallery Brighton. He describes the process as follows.

“A collection of books were shot with an air rifle, a .22 rifle and a shotgun. Pages were taken at random from the shot books and collated into another book. A dice was thrown. The number indicated how many pages to turn (in this reading 5). The words which had been shot, or which were nearest to the shot were selected. When the word was not completely legible, a guess was made and these appear in brackets.”




Book Binder

We went to see some book binding techniques demonstrated by bookbinder and artist Helen Gibbs. She is currently based at the University of Brighton where she runs a book making course. As well as working with artists to create books of their art work, she also creates books that are art in themselves, including using the complete works of Shakespeare as a pinhole camera to take photographs in various libraries.

Helen helped us bind our books for the Press and Release exhibition, including rebinding the shot pages of Xelis de Toro’s book.

Audio Book

Ed Briggs has made an ‘audio book’ for the current exhibition of artist’s books ‘Press & Release’ at the Phoenix Gallery, Brighton. The book is a set of ambient recordings of the places where people read. In each one a book is being silently read. Depending on the book, the recordings have been made in different contexts and using different methods. In this example Jim Corbett’s The Man Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag is being read in Jubilee Library, recorded from a distance with a rifle mic as if hunting a leopard. In the other example a reader is crept up on in a quiet room while reading The Paranormal, An Illustrated Guide.

Jim Corbett

Paranormal 2

The full recordings can be listened to at the Phoenix Gallery until the 9th of June.