Testing the text

Online we went on the 27 – 05 2013. We performed in Upstage, an online environment that allowed us to try out the possibilities of performing online. We did it our way, not taking the space as a stage but as a blank page.

Chris Dune and Ed Briggs built some animations that formed the backdrop for live writing, collaborative writing and some previous texts by XelĂ­s de Toro. Our theme was text, our medium was text and our message was text. How we could use text to create sound, image and convey ideas?

It was our first incursion into online performing and there were some technical glitches, but for us is part of a learning experience. From the feedback we realized that some people were not able to connect, some were able and only saw some part as their sound failed, and some other people could experience the whole writing performance, that is the animations, the writings, the sound.