MANMADE project at The  Onca gallery, Brighton.

Jim Sanders // Ed Briggs // Victoria Petty // Xelis de Toro // Mim King // Benedict Sheehan
Six artists working together under the artist collective of boca2mouth, invited people to follow a trail where you could encounter the work of each artist working in the areas of drawing, writing, sound, textiles, projection and movement.
You could take part and make your own work throughout the course of the trail, finishing with your work being scanned and projected onto the gallery walls.

This was then followed by a Panel discussion led by:
Lorenza Ippolito // Alex Golding // Ann Light // Guyan Porter

manmade onca gallery


Drawing From Inside – Jim Sanders

Jim will be leading a collaborative drawing. There will be a table with a long piece of paper where you will be able to draw and paint in relation to Jims’ suggestions of ideas and motifs around the project, ManMade.

Making Music – Ed Briggs

You will be able to play with a combination of sounding instruments both analogic (e.g. percussion) and digital, to experience the basics of music and sound and how this later can be manipulated by the computer.

A Textural experience – Victoria Petty

Victoria will welcome you to come and sample different fabrics blindfolded or with eyes closed. First you feel the fabric then respond to any emotions or thoughts that come up through writing and movement.

What Words Say – Xelís de Toro

By playing with a series of devices and games: book roulette, dices, picking brains, you will be guided to write first a sentence, and then paragraphs, until you have created a whole phrase. You can offer these words or text to a collaborative writing piece.

Say it with the body – Mim King

By discussing with Mim King you will be able to find, create and discover postures, movements in relation to your emotional ideas. You can take these postures and movements to the final station.

Body Tracking Movements – Benedict Sheehan

Have a direct experience of moving in a space and triggering a collection of content like texts, visuals and videos to be projected onto a screen. The content projected into the walls will be the result of communal work created by those in the space.

Onca panel manmade