In comes I, the King of all

In comes I, the King of all took place in Le lieu unique Nantes. Jim Sanders had a 3 months residence in an area of the arts venue in which he constructed a big art environment dominated by a Babel Tower. His space was open to the public receiving daily visits. As a part of the finale of the residence he invited Xelís de Toro to perform in the space. That is how In comes I, the King of all came to fruition, a durational performance that lasted for 3 hours for 2 days. A character King and a buffon live in the same space. Two suits in hangers and a character keeps constantly changing one suit for the other. When king he wishes to be idle and crazy like a buffon, when a buffon he yearns for power and riches. Never happy never satisfied. The king and his own distorted image in the buffon are the same, and they show the two sides of the artist. King of his work, laughed at for persuing an idealistic dream. The performer wears a costume, undresses, hangs his costume and writes something in a book before crossing into the space of the other character, admiring the other costume and wearing it. And so on for the time that lasts the performance.