This installation performance is related to the book Terminal, published in Galicia, Edicion Positivas. The installation is a space that recreates a Terminal by the use of text, slides, lighting, super 8 and sound. Terminal is an space of intersection, crossing of languages, images, etc. Visitors the same as the performer walk in the space trying to make sense and understand an space without clear borders.

We did Terminal in Brighton, Fabrica, 8th August. This installation performance first took place in 1994 after the book of the same name came out. It was performed at the University of Oxford, in Bruselas, in a weekend of independent arts, and in Santiago in a live art festival.

In this ocassion, we did a complete revisiting exercise, Andy Wood worked hard to include video projections, and Jim Sanders did the costume

We did not want to repeat what we did before, for us had to be exciting and new; we created a double level this time, the space of the terminal and the video instalation like a parallel world to the terminal, for us that represents the time that has passed from the first time we did this work up until know.

The basic concept of the installation/performances is about creation an space of exchange, negotiation, and space where we try to make sense of what we see and hear. In order to that we have to make use of whatever is avalaible to us, fragmented images, and blured texts, noises, etc. Terminal is a place of crossing and encountering…