Os cachorros

Os cachorros “human cubs” are a collection of strange characters that appear on the gaps of human existence. They are roaming creatures that live to satisfy a basic instinct, obsessed by their own needs, they are doomed to eternally scratch a wound that never heals.

This performance consist of some characters roaming endesly and at very slow motion carrying little trolleys with a voice inside. Each voice recorded in a mp3 player talks about their own obsesion. Hunger, loneliness, lost of direction, etc.

This piece has been performed in a a variety of contexts, public spaces (squares and streets), galleries and art venues. Performed for first time in Brighton, it has also been performed in London and Santiago de Compostela, Galicia (Spain)

A serious of paintings by Jim Sanders was the spark for the whole concept, later he would create big hangings to be used in the performances. Edd Briggs made the music and recordings. Andy Wood was in charge of video creation for some performances and video shooting and editing of the performances. Jonathan Swain, Kate Wand and Jim Sanders were in charge of attrezo, trolley. Performers: Jim Sanders, Hassni Malik, Anne Colvin, Jonathan Swain and Xelís de Toro. Artistic concept and texts Xelís de Toro