Wall into pieces (4th September)

September 28th, 2010

WALL INTO PIECES is a large scale art event that will be documented through the night by a team of photographers and writers to create a magazine in real time. The magazine will also incorporate “pieces” of a “wall” to be painted in collaboration with members of the public. In the gallery there will be four bands, one in each corner, playing individually and collectively. In other rooms performances, dancers, projections, sound and video installations, a theme bar and the magazine production office. Copies of the magazine will be available at the end of the night.ARTISTS

*Main gallery*


The Orchestra elastique

Animal Magic Tricks

Max and the swing commanders



The solitaries by Boca2Mouth

Projections: Chris Dunne

*Small gallery:*

Video instalation

(Linda Remahl, Jim Sanders)

Video Yael Karavan


Il pixel rosso

White room *


Mindharp by WilcZanka

My brain and tongue

(Vicky Tremain, Adele Bates)

Sara Popowa

Emilia Telese

Red room*

Magazine Editing room:

Production: Fredrick Lloyd

Editor: Bec Garland

Collaborative art, Wall into pieces:
Jim Sanders

South Gallery

Colecorner’ feat Marley & Phil Cole


Johanna Ronkko

Jo Dimbleby


Clare McEwan

special Phoenix/6th June

June 3rd, 2009

*Boca2mouth Sessions*

*Saturday 6th June; 8-10pm; Brighton, Phoenix Gallery; FREE.

Boca2mouth sessions are an exploration in art event organizing, with simultaneous actions overlapping playfully within the structure of the evening. This Saturday’s activities include: Aharon Amir presenting Exchange Processes; short films by Mike Stokes; Ed Briggs will be working on sound experimentations; Jim Sanders and Jonathan Swain will initiate a collective drawing project; Boca2mouth present The Morphus, a mobile and transformative canvas; Rachel Cohen invites you to participate in an evolutionary drawing game; laboratoro on newswords (with the collaboration of Hassni Malik).

Last saturday of every month

March 3rd, 2009

Boca2mouth sessions take place the last saturday of every month in the Fair trade gallery, Kemptown, 26 Montague Place, Brighton.

These sessions create an environment in which people talk, exchange skills, jot down notes, see, do and take home some new inspiration, collaborate and do things together. Most of the things happening are exploration of new ideas and projects.

On the right you can check pages for information on specific sessions